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Скачать driver hewlett-packardhp laserjet usb upgrade

Описание: Скачать driver hewlett-packardhp laserjet usb upgrade
Имя файла: driver-hewlett-packardhp-laserjet-usb-upgrade
Use this download package if you are updating the printer driver from a previous install or you want to add the printer driver. The driver contained in this download package is the driver compatible with Windows 98 and Windows ME.
As of June 30, 2007, HP's license to redistribute Microsoft's USB files for Windows 98 has expired and cannot be renewed. Thus, this Windows 98 driver does not include the Microsoft's USB files. The driver will install successfully on the USB port of a Windows 98 system if an HP printer has been successfully installed on the USB port on the system previously. The successful previous installation would have copied the USB files onto the Windows 98 operating system. So, if the Microsoft USB files are already on the Windows 98 system, then this driver, which does not include the Microsoft USB files, will install successfully.
Installing the printer over network (TCP/IP) or on the LPT port successfully does not require the Microsoft USB files. Since the Windows Millennium operating system has the Microsoft USB files, this driver should install successfully without a previous installation of an HP printer.

Original Software/Drivers

Operating system(s): Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME
Download file size: 1.38M
System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98/ Windows Me

Installation Instructions

Before proceeding with the software installation, the printer must first be properly set up and powered on. An HP printer must have been previously installed on the USB port successfully and the computer rebooted. Note: this applies to all three printer models.
Close any programs running on your computer.
Click the Download button and a File Download box will appear.
Select Save and a Save As box will appear.
Select a folder into which to save the printer driver package and click Save. Make note of the folder path for later use.
Locate the downloaded file using Windows Explorer (after the download has completed).
Connect the printer to the system via USB and power it on.
Windows Found New Hardware Wizard should appear.
Click Next.
On the next screen ensure the radio button labeled "Search for the best driver for this device?" is selected,
Click Next.
Please verify only the checkbox labeled "Specify a Location" is checked.
Fill in the edit box with the path noted in step 5. Click Next.
Click Finish.
Now, the New Hardware Found Wizard will repeat the process for the printer driver portion of the install. Repeat steps 8-13 above for this portion. For Step 12 the path to the driver should already be filled out with the same path you used in the previous portion of the install, which is acceptable.
A new dialog will appear to name the printer. Leave the name as listed and simply click the Finish button.
Click Finish.

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